Looking for the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

The journey to that great cup begins with the perfect beans! We are a specialty coffee roasters and importer with 30 years’ experience. We import a wide selection of raw coffee beans from the finest growers in the world. We are committed to delivering you freshly whole, ground and flavored coffee  direct from our coffee house to yours!

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Our Promise to you 

We promise to deliver to you fresh roasted beans with every order. How? Well we roast to order in our warehouse daily and pack in small batches to ensure your coffee is fresh when delivered.To guarantee freshness and most flavorful coffee we use a roast to order process meaning we only roast when you place an order then pack, seal and ship!


“Coffee is more than a drink; it is a way of life”

Growing up in a small village in Lebanon, I was introduced to coffee at an early age. At the age of 9 I was brewing Turkish coffee for my Aunts and Uncles that visited my house. Coffee was a staple of our culture and way of life, it opened up conversations and brought us together. Over the years my love for coffee grew and with my fascination to find the perfect bean for the perfect cup of coffee.

This passion for coffee and building lifelong friendships over sharing a cup of well brewed coffee has led me to sharing this passion with you!

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Our Guarantee

We are committed to delivering quality roast to order coffee beans and the best customer service.

Three factors in choosing the perfect bean to BRU an awesome cup of coffee



Presence of certain acids that influence the taste of coffee. Acidity doesn’t refer to the actual acid content it refers to a flavor note.



A coffee's aroma is one of
the main categories used by
professional coffee tasters to
judge the quality of a coffee!



Something we coffee-lovers talk about a lot. Body is a coffee’s texture, it is not something we taste: rather, it is a sensation we feel.

We believe a cup of coffee doesn’t have to be bitter, tasteless or acidic. We are obsessed with sharing the range of flavors profiles that coffee can offer. Making remarkable coffee more available, sustainable, and consistently delicious. So you Can enjoy a great Cup at home!