Coffee Only Super Deluxe Gift Box

Coffee Only Super Deluxe Gift Box

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Great gift idea for all coffee lovers:

This package includes:

• Two 12 Ounces bags of Coffee Flavor from option one.

• Two 12 Ounces bags of Coffee Flavor from option two.

• Total of four 12 Ounces Coffee Bags.

• Send an email to the address below for four different coffee flavors.

This Box can be customized to any coffee flavor that are not listed in drop down menu please reach out to with your order or questions. Thank you.

Packed in a large red gift box filled with crinkle shred paper, 2 coffees of your choice and 2 mixed Rum Cakes flavors then sealed with a ribbon to wow your recipient. Ribbons and Crinkled shred paper may vary in color.

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Please note Flavored Coffee will be ground: Flavored coffees are liable to ruin grinders that use burrs rather than blades to take apart the coffee. The flavoring material clings to the burrs and complicates cleaning and is almost impossible to remove completely. That's why we grind it for you. All flavored coffee will be ground before packaging.